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Remote Files / Remote Access

Remote Files / Remote Access

by John Paul Szkudlapski -
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Remote Network Drives

Today we are pleased to release our latest project - Remote Network Drives.  From looking at the logs the majority of our staff/students only login to Remote Access to access their Home Drive, so we have deployed a new website that will allow you to access your Home Area via a Web Browser. The new site can be located from the Remote Access dropdown above or from the link 

Please ensure that you read this document on its use

Other network drives (Pool / Shared ) will be following shortly

Remote Access

Aside from the capacity issue that we have put in steps to mitigate and on whole has now been solved. The number 1 issue we are resolving is students not logging in to Remote Access correctly. Please ensure that you read the following documents

Remote Access - Windows

Remote Access - Mac

It is critical you are following the process of logging into both security boxes otherwise you will get an error about not being able to login.

IT Support

Should you have any issues please ensure that you have read the information above and then if you continue to have an issue please email and someone will respond in due course. For safeguarding we will only respond to emails from College email accounts.