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OneDrive Cloud Storage

OneDrive Cloud Storage

by John Paul Szkudlapski -
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As you may know, as part of our Microsoft agreement we have access to OneDrive For Business, which is essentially 1TB of Cloud Storage per user.

At home this is pretty straight forward, but in a multi-user environment were users don't necessarily use the same computer, this poses some challenges - which we have overcome.

Accessing OneDrive - In College/Remote Access​

In College you will have a drive mapping of Z: which is your link to OneDrive.  Please be aware that the drive mapping will show roughly 30 seconds after logging in.

Accessing OneDrive via OneDrive App

  1. Student Information Here
  2. Staff Information Here

Anything Important I should know?

  1. Confidential or sensitive data should not be stored in OneDrive, as it stores your files in the cloud.
  2. This service is not backed up the same as the college network. If you accidently delete a document it will be held in the OneDrive Recycle Bin for upto 3 weeks. So if a document is really important make sure you have a copy saved elsewhere.
  3. If you've got a Windows Account you may already have a OneDrive area, as Microsoft will use a generic name for the one we provide which is 'OneDrive for Business' or  you may see 'OneDrive for Students' or 'OneDrive - Birkenhead Sixth Form College', these are all the same service.
  4. As it is an external service uploading/downloading files to it will take a moment, not as quick as saving to our network drives.

Anything else?

You will notice that the space shown isn't 1TB, it mirrors the space on the local C drive because its how Microsoft designed the technology to work.

Please email or speak to a member of IT Services for assistance.