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Remote Access - Upgrade

Remote Access - Upgrade

by John Paul Szkudlapski -
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The college has a remote access facility that allows you to login to a virtual desktop that resembles actually sitting in front of a computer in college.

​We now have 2 available options;

1 Clientless (HTML5)

The new upgrade for Remote Access has the ability to run without installing the updated client - it runs directly in your web browser!

Navigate to​ and enter your college username and password - et voila, it will log you in via the web browser.​

2. Classic (Client Software required) – currently set as the default

The clientless version of Remote Access is brand new and as such we haven’t made it the default – but in time we will.

The first time you use the system you will need to install the vWorkspace client software, this allows you to connect to the virtual service - you will only need to install this software once, Don’t worry, the software will detect you have an order version and automatically upgrade it.

Tablets/Mobile Devices

The new version will be fully supported on a large range of mobile devices Windows Tablets/Apple Devices/Chromebooks/Kindle’s , pretty much any device except for a Blackberry. Information will be provided on how to configure various mobile devices/tablets with Remote Access, but for now please ask a member of IT & Technical Services.

We have left the old version on until the end of the month to allow a transition over to the new system – this can be accessed via